Weekend Releases for October 3, 2014

Cap and Bean comment on the new releases for the weekend the only way they know how: with little to no actual research and after only briefly looking at the posters.

by FILMGRAPHS STAFF ON October 3, 2014

Gone Girl 

BEAN: It’s nice of Fox News to set time aside for a wealthy white woman kidnapping in-between news on the Real Housewives cast and shitting on Obama.

 CAP: Do people actually watch the news on television? Hasn’t Twitter basically rendered that all obsolete by now? That’s how I hear about all the hard hitting news like The Fappening.

BEAN: There was a time when to be given the prefix of “Amazing” you had to be a magician or a Spider-Man or something. What did this Amy do?

CAP: She went from Hector and the Search for Happiness to a David Fincher movie in a matter of two weeks.


CAP: Finally, the industry has developed to the point where movies no longer need a website or even a Facebook page. Just #Annabelle.

BEAN: We joke, but when was the last time you went to the official website of a movie? The Gone Girl official site is like the tenth result when I looked it up on Google.

CAP: I’m not judging. The money they saved on the website is probably enough to fund another Brit Marling movie with another extremely awkward sex scene.

Left Behind

BEAN: Whatever Nic Cage is looking at off-camera must be absolutely enthralling if it’s keeping his gaze away from the city covered in hellfire behind him.

CAP: Great marketing. What else is there to say? Nothing says quality control like having Nicolas Cage on your poster.

The Good Lie 

BEAN: I’m pretty sure at some point in the movie Reese is going to say both “The good lie” and “miracles are made by people who refuse to stop believing”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she said it one after another.

CAP: She’ll also be yelling it at some generically stuffy white lady who just doesn’t understand why Reese is throwing it all away on her ridiculous cause.

BEAN: Queue uplifting soft-rock single.

Poster images for Gone Girl taken from Movieposter.com.
Poster image for Annabelle, Left Behind, and The Good Lie taken from IMDB.com.